A Review: 5 Best Performing Zodiac Nautic Boats

A Rigid Inflatable Boat, or RIB, is an essential watercraft that you will see on just about any stretch of water in the world, from lakes and streams to coastal estuaries and coves. You can use a RIB for just about anything, from water sports like waterskiing and snorkeling, to diving and fishing.

There are many to choose from, each with their pros and cons, and some more suitable for some tasks than others. There are also many features to consider. Do you need towing eyes? One powerful outboard motor or two smaller ones? Confused? Here’s what you should buy at Zodiac Nautic that pros usually buy!

Achilles HB-315DX

Achilles conducted a complete overhaul of one of their most popular RIBs to create their latest offering, the HB-315DX.

This is a five-passenger powerhouse, with plenty of storage space for all your equipment if you are going out on the water to have some fun. Achilles thought long and hard about how they could improve their design and have made a number of decisions that make ownership and maintenance easier for HB-315DX owners.

Argos Nautic 305 Yachting

This is one of the best Rigid Inflatable Boats you can spend your money on. The 10-foot boat is one of the quickest in its class on the water. It has quickly earned the reputation of being one of the best performing boats you can buy today and has a number of desirable features.

The top speed of 31 knots from its 40-hp outboard motor is paired with a comfortable boat that fits four adults easily, including its captain. There is plenty of storage for all your water sports equipment as well as some refreshments. All this comes in a compact size that fits easily into most garages and trailers.

Zodiac Pro 6.5

This Zodiac is a popular choice for many. Zodiac Nautic has been building premium boats for decades, and their latest RIB uses all their know-how to deliver one of the best boats on the planet. It has been newly redesigned to increase its seating capacity as well as to improve on the already ample interior space to give you more room for comfort, and equipment.

The fuel tank has been increased too, giving the Zodiac most range of any Rigid Inflatable Boat in our list. With some extra investment, this boat can easily become one of the best performing boats you will likely see, with a frame that can accommodate twin 80-hp outboards or a single 175-hp motor if you decide to make the upgrade.

Hyfoil Foiling RIB 28

This RIB is a little different from the others, using fixed hydrofoils under the hull to help the craft rise from the water for a more efficient and comfortable ride.

This gives this Rigid Inflatable Boat a lot of stability at speed, and well as reduced fuel consumption and a small wake. This boat can even give a fully upgraded Zodiac a run for its money. If you want some extra speed, opt for the lightweight carbon-fiber hull version.

Caribe Nautica DL11

This boat places a premium on usability and is a low-maintenance craft that aims to keep you in the water as much as possible.

This five-passenger craft has an icebox for refreshments or that day’s fishing catch, and a built-in water tank with a shower attachment to help you rinse off any sand or salt before coming aboard to help you keep the deck clean.

The world of Rigid Inflatable Boats can get complicated and overwhelming for the beginner. Hopefully, this quick guide has helped you find the right boat for you.

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