Boat Review: The Best Inflatable Boats For Cruising, Diving, and Snorkeling

There are few hobbies and sports more thrilling than diving and snorkeling, as they allow you to see a world completely different from the one usually available to us. The underwater world is a vibrant one, full of colorful coral and incredible species of fish and marine life, but to find the very best diving and snorkeling spots you need a high quality, reliable boat. Due to their cost, portability, and versatility, inflatable boats are perfect whether you want to snorkel or simply cruise. Never cruise without using these boats that watersports enthusiasts use!

Zodiac Pro 6.5

A great diving experience needs good preparation. You’ll need high-quality snorkeling gear, with an emphasis upon reliable wetsuits, and an easy experience changing into and out of your wetsuits, and of course, you’ll also want underwater cameras to capture the amazing sights you’ll encounter. Above all, you’ll need a top-quality inflatable boat to store your snorkeling kit in and to take you to the start of your underwater adventure. Zodiac Nautic is the leading name in inflatable boats, so you can be sure of quality and reliability from their range. We have no hesitation in recommending the Zodiac Pro 6.5 to all who are looking for an inflatable boat. It’s not only smooth, speedy and economical, it has a large interior storage space, meaning that there’s more than enough room for your snorkeling necessities.

Mercury 320 Aluminum

The Mercury Aluminum boat is available in either 320 or 270 models, but it’s the extra power available with the Mercury 320 Aluminum’s engine that gives it the edge in our opinion. Among the features we loved is the non-slip flat floor, which is designed to provide excellent safety and grip, even when you’re traveling across choppy waters. Capable of speeds up to 20 miles per hour, or just over 17 knots in nautical terms, it also has a handy front storage locker for your wetsuits and more.

Zodiac Classic Mark II

For the third selection in our list of the very best inflatable boats, we have to return to Zodiac Nautic. They have long been known as specialists in the manufacture of classic inflatable boats, so their Classic model, now in its Mark II incarnation, is hard to beat if you want a workhorse that provides both power and practicality. Strength and stability are its core elements, so you can put your faith in it, however far you travel, and however many times you use it. It’s quick and easy to inflate too, so you can simply put it in the boot of your vehicle, or on a roof rack, and take it with you wherever you go.

With over 70 years of experience, Zodiac Nautic has inflatable boats for all budgets and all occasions, and the Mercury 270 and 320 models are well worth considering too. Whether you love snorkeling and diving or simply want a pleasure cruise, inflatable boats can give you everything you need – just don’t forget your wetsuits and your underwater cameras, the views down there are spectacular.

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