Our Most Recommended Inflatable Boats For Rescue Operations

Boats can be used for so much more than fishing at the lake. For example, they’re your only safe, reliable way out of your home if there has been major flooding. That flooding may be caused by a hurricane or due to seasonal rains. But no matter the cause, a boat is one of the few ways to take control and escape when it is unsafe to remain at home, drive or try to walk or swim to safety.

Note that owning a conventional fishing boat isn’t enough. Unless your fishing boat is a flat bottom boat, it can’t navigate three-foot deep waters or over submerged trees. The only solution is to have an inflatable boat ready to go. Let’s take a look at some of the best options on the market. Save more lives with these rescue inflatable boats!

Ancheer Inflatable Boat

The Ancheer brand inflatable boat comes in 7.5-foot, 9.8-foot, and 10.8-foot sizes. For most people, the 7.5-foot boat is the best choice. It is big enough to carry the average family plus some belongings. It is also small enough that the average person can row it or control it with a small motor.

It has everything you need for emergency situations. For example, it has a non-skid aluminum bottom and puncture-resistant PVC. This ensures that sharp branches or other debris won’t rip a hole in the bottom. It comes with a lock oar set and seats.

The pontoon extension prevents it from flipping when you turn it, while the flooring side joiners let you stand up without literally rocking the boat. That makes it relatively easy to handle in dangerous conditions, even if you’re rarely out in a boat.

Hydroforce Brand Caspian Pro Inflatable Boat

This inflatable boat is just over nine feet long. It takes more time to assemble this boat since it uses zodiac marine-grade plywood in place of aluminum to protect the bottom. Yet no tools are required to assemble it. It even comes with a hand inflation pump.

This is one of the best rescue boats on the market. It doesn’t just have separate PVC chambers to keep the boat floating if one section is punctured. It has safety grab ropes, carry handles, a drain valve, oar locks and additional protection on the sides. It can carry up to four people; the weight limit is just over a thousand pounds. It is even better for one or two people hauling supplies across the floodwaters.

The Shark Model 300

This inflatable boat is nearly ten feet long. It is designed for water sports, but it can be used for rescue operations. It has two seats in the narrowboat, though you can remove these to create more space. The 1,150-pound weight limit means it can hold five adults at most. Note that this is more than most other inflatable boats. Yet it is relatively lightweight and compact when disassembled. You could even pack it in the back of a car, taking it to where it is needed.

The boat has made from 0.9mm reinforced PVC plastic that is oil stain resistant as well as puncture and UV resistant. Its seams resist saltwater and freshwater. It comes with two oars and lock-in holders so you can’t lose them.


These are three of the best inflatable boats you can find for rescue missions. Whatever you do, always make sure that you choose Zodiac Nautic quality materials and pick up an inflatable boat now so that you’re ready for whatever may come your way.

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